Korean American Association and Community Center of Houston (KAACCH) is the name resulting from the 2018 merger of three main Korean community organizations in Houston – the Korean American Association of Houston, the Korean Community Center, and the Houston Korean School.

KAACCH is comprised of several committees, led by the President and the Board of Directors.  The president is voted in by the Korean American community in Greater Houston and the Board members are selected by each of the committees to represent their own interests.  The Korean American Association of Houston is recognized as the official organization to represent the Korean American community.  While the organization is operated by the Board and its chairman, the President is recognized as the head figure.

KAACCH aims to raise funds through grants and donations from public and private entities, as well as sponsor charity events.  The funds are passed through to the proper committee groups to help promote Korean interests, education, and culture.  KAACCH continues to foster relationships with local communities and other regional/ethnic groups by participating in various activities to increase our visibility in the community.  In addition, various events will be held to promote a sense of pride and identity in the Korean American community.

We hope that you will volunteer and join us in advancing the KAACCH mission.

2022-23 Executive Committee

Casey Youn,

Scotty Jung,
Executive Vice President

Jin Tae Mok,
Vice President

Jane Lee,
Vice President

Ann Dorn,
Executive Director

Misun Song,
Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Ann Dorn
Bokyung Koo
David Shin
Eun Ju Park
Helen Chang

Ho Yung Ha
Hyunja Norman
Hyungjung Kim
Inho Kim
Jennifer Knesek

Jane Lee
Jinna Shin
Julianne Youn
Jung Ok Yoo
K. Casey Youn

Ki Myun Choung
Kim Sharp
Mark Shim
Misun Song
Sangwon Kim

Suck Joo Kim
Sun Duck Tak
Tai Hwan Chung
Yohan Park


The KCC/HKS merged entity is also merged with Korean American Association of Houston. This combined organization is the Korean American Association and Community Center of Houston (KAACCH). KAACCH is now considered the umbrella organization of the Korean community, and smaller organizations are beginning to join under this umbrella organization.

Korean Community Center and Houston Korean School merged to become one entity.

Korean Community Center, Inc. (KCC) was established to consolidate funds from the Korean community and purchased a building location at 1809 Hollister St. Houston, TX 77084, now known as the Korean Community Center. In an effort to satisfy City of Houston grant, KCC sold the building to The Houston Korean School (HKS), which was not a “young” entity.

The Houston Korean School is founded.

The Korean American Association of Houston began in 1963 with Mr. Shi Kyu Lee as the first President. Korean-Americans started residing in the Houston Area from the 1950s and reached close to 100 by early 1960s.